Learn Quran online: The holy Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan by the angel Gabriel through our beloved last prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. The holy book Quran was revealed over time of almost 23 years, including 13 in Mecca and 10 at Medina. The longest surah of the Holy Quran is “surah al-Baqarah” and the shortest one is “Surah Kawthar”.

Literally, the meaning of the Quran is “to read” and “to recite”. Recitation of the Quran has, as many rewards as one cannot imagine. Just by reciting a single word of the Quran, one can earn 10 good deeds. Quran carries the message of hope for everyone, mercy on all, forgiveness, and peace.

Quran learning

It is mandatory for every Muslim to get a Quran education so they can learn more about Allah and our religion Islam. There are two methods to learn Quran

The traditional mode of learning the Quran

One can get a Quran education by visiting mosques or either by going to Islamic madrassas. Where Qari and Islamic scholars are available to teach you about the Quran and the religion of Islam.

The modern way to Learn Quran online

In this era of technology, where the internet has taken everything at a fast level. Learning of Quran has also become simpler and easier way. To teach Quran online, several online Quran schools are available to make you learn via online Quran classes. Online Quran teachers are available for making you learn Quran online.

Why choose learning Quran online method

Here is the list of why to choose to learn the Quran online as it has many advantages over the traditional mode of learning the Quran.

Cost-effective way

To learn Quran online is the economically best-fit way. One can have the option to choose the world’s best tutor to learn Quran online at the most affordable price of paying. Online Quran schools give the best fee structure packages for their online Quran classes to teach Quran online. Another reason to choose to learn Quran online is one can save their traveling charges as they can get online Quran classes at home.

Qualified team of online Quran teachers

Online Quran schools like Iqra Quranic Academy, never compromise on their standards. They always choose the best for their students to teach Quran online. They have a team of online Quran teachers from all over the world, which are well-experienced and certified tutors. For each course, specialized online Quran teachers are present for online Quran classes. One has the option to switch the tutor if they are not satisfied with the teaching way. One has also the facility to choose male or female online Quran teachers.

Individual online Quran classes

In one-to-one online Quran class sessions, students have the opportunity to interact with the Online Quran teacher singly. Therefore, one can get more attention from online Quran teachers to teach Quran online.

Option for choosing timings to learn Quran online

Another best feature to choose learn Quran online is that one may mold their timings and days selection. Those Muslims who are doing jobs can easily arrange their online Quran classes according to their free time. Overseas Muslims who have different time zones can also make their timetable according to their availability. Online Quran schools provide these features to teach Quran online in access for every Muslim around the globe.

Learn Quran | Learn Blessings of Surah Tawbah in Online Academy

Parental supervision for online Quran classes

Parents can also have access to their kid's learning under their supervision easily. Online Quran teachers conduct monthly assessments for kids, so to provide progress reports to the parents. In this way, parents can easily evaluate their kids learning Quran online.

Customized Quran courses

Online Quran organizations arrange various courses related to the Quranic and Islamic studies. According to the need of Muslims to get an education or seek knowledge for the love of Allah. Some of these are discussed below

Norani Qaida to learn Quran online

In the Norani Qaida course, online Quran teachers will teach you about the Arabic language. It is the main language of the Quran, in which it was revealed. In this course, you will learn about the pronunciation and recognition of Arabic letters for the recitation of the Quran in online Quran classes.

Quran memorization and translation

In online Quran classes, one can also learn to memorize the Quran. Online Quran teachers will make you Hafiz by tech you Quran online. Specialized Quranic teachers are available for this purpose. O can also learn the translation of the whole Quran to vast their knowledge regarding Islam and the meaning of verses of the Quran.

Basics of Islam to Teach Quran Online

In this course, one will learn about the religion Islam and the rules described in the Quran y online Quran teachers for example Salah, Sunnah, hadiths, etc

Teach Quran online with Tajweed

Online Quran classes for Tajweed learning are also designed to learn Quran online. It is necessary to learn the rules of Tajweed for correct recitation and learning of the Quran via online Quran teachers. Tajweed are the ways by which alphabets are pronounced.

Drawbacks to learning Quran online

As we have already mentioned the advantages to learn Quran online via online Quran classes through available online Quran teachers. There are fewer drawbacks to discuss for learning online Quran

Absence of direct interaction

It is an online Quran classes system so there will be a lack of interaction between the students and online Quran teachers. Which may become the reason for many distractions during learning the online Quran. Especially for the kids to learn Quran online. 

Lack of competition

There will be no competition among the students as only a single student will be under the online Quran teachers. There will be a lack of competitive spirit.

Internet breakdown

One may suffer sometime due to technology breakdown. Online Quran classes are based on the internet, and one may suffer server breakdown, due to which they will be not able to attend online Quran classes.


The above discussions conclude that the newer method to learn Quran online is the best choice of all the above. It has several advantages as compared to the conventional way of learning the Quran. It also exhibits some drawbacks but besides that, it contains more befits to choose from.