Learn Quran Online: The 7th chapter of the holy book Quran is known as “surah Al-Araf”, which contains 206 verses in all. This surah was revealed in Makkah and is known to be the longest Makki surah of the Quran. The holy book Quran is sent down through the angel Gabriel on Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on the mount of “Hira”. Allah has sent this book as a complete code of conduct for one's life so we can take advantage and instructions in every aspect of life from the book of Allah. It is composed of a total of 114 chapters and each differentiates in its way of containing lessons for us. Therefore, it is a must for everyone to read the Quran to get awareness of its teachings.

Online Quran Classes

There are two ways of learning and getting Quran education, via traditional mode or through learn Quran online. The latter way of learning the Quran is more reliable than the former one. It has several advantages over it. Several online Quran academies are available, which gives you more convenient and easily accessible ways for learning mode. They provide expert online Quran teachers, which help you in every aspect related to Quran and Religion Islam through their online Quran classes.

Surah Araf

This surah is about the Allah and man covenant, in which man takes an oath for the oneness of Allah, the supreme power of Allah almighty and His lordship, and life after death. Reading and recitation of this surah bring the barrio between you and Satan on the day of Judgment. It is present in the 7 and 8 Juz of the Quran, with an order of revelation is 39. There are 3346 words in this surah, with a total of 14437 letters. The word “Araf” is meant by the elevations or peaks of the mountains and hills. In general, it refers to the place that is between paradise and Hell. The name has been taken from verses number 46 and 48. The more keen information about this surah can be learned from online Quran teachers.

Other Names of Surah Araf

Following are some other names of this surah. The explanation regarding the other names of this surah can be done by learn Quran online.

  • “Ali, Laam, Meem, Saad” comes in Loh-e-Qurani
  • “Miqat” which means appointed time or place
  • “Mithaq” is meant for covenant

Surah Araf: Brief Summary

Each ayah of this surah contains a different perspective for teachings and to get lessons from this surah. It will take a lot of time to properly understand the verses of each surah, it may take time of months. Therefore, for this reason, one must take help from their online Quran teachers for a proper understanding of Allah's teaching through the chapters of the Quran. For brief understanding, it is divided into the following four parts

  • The duty of the Prophet and people for safeguarding the divine surahs and verses of the Holy Quran
  • The discussions of Satan persuading the man to disobey Allah ad act against His commands.
  • Punishments regarding worldly that man do against the rulings of Allah.
  • The duty assigned to the prophet that concerns the transgressors

Rewards and blessings of Surah Araf

Reading and recitation of the surah Araf leads to earning many rewards and blessings for this world as well as for the Last Day. If ones want to memorize the surah, professional online Quran teachers will make this task easier. They make you recite the surah with the proper rules of Tajweedd through online Quran classes for Kids.

Act as a hurdle between satan and you

On the day of judgment, whoever recites this surah, will act as the barrier between yourself and Satan. The one will befriend the prophet Adam AS. For proper reading and recitation, experienced online Quran teachers are available.

No accounting

It is narrated from Abu Abdillah (AS), that whoever recites the surah Araf every month, on the day of judgment, will be among those people who will have no fear, no grief. And those who recite this surah every Friday, they will be not called for accounting on the Day of resurrection.

Protection from Enemies & wild animals

Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said in one of the Hadith, that whoever wrote this surah and keep it along with him, he will be saved from the enemy and wild animals by the protection of Allah. To do this task, you can approach your online Quran teachers, which will guide you in every aspect through learn Quran online.

Expand in sustenance

If someone wants to increase their wealth and business, they must write the surah Araf with its meaning with pure intentions for the sake of Allah and hang it outside the shop or house, they will have increases in sustenance. And also will get a lot of blessings from Allah.

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